Knowledge is power, but only if shared

Our unique Blueprint is built upon 18 years of delivering real-world Knowledge Management solutions inside real businesses.

The advancement of Knowledge Management has been an essential part of the modern business landscape. Companies have long sought to gain a competitive advantage through their access to data and information, both internally held and acquired externally.

A world standard blueprint for delivering it has been developed to ensure that Knowledge Management is successful in delivering value. Our unique framework offers guidance on how to apply the principles of knowledge management within organisations. With our framework, you can better manage the flow of information, identify opportunities for improvement and use data to inform decision-making.

The world standard blueprint for delivering Knowledge Management outlines four key steps:

  • Create,
  • Collect
  • Manage
  • Share

These steps help create efficient systems in identifying existing knowledge and gaps in understanding; managing and protecting information; establishing criteria for collecting new data; sharing relevant insights with stakeholders; and providing reporting capabilities that measure performance against predetermined goals.