Knowledge Management and AI

Mar 12, 2024

Knowledge Management Gets a Brainy Boost: Why AI Needs Your Human Expertise

Calling all knowledge champions! Buckle up, because we’re diving into the exciting world of Knowledge Management (KM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the ultimate power couple for the information age!

Sure, AI is impressive. Large Language Models (LLMs) are like brainiacs with lightning-fast information retrieval skills. But even the most sophisticated AI needs a clean and organized foundation to work with. Think of it like this: imagine feeding a cluttered attic to a high-tech cleaning robot. It might just shove things around and call it a day!

That’s where a qualified and experienced Knowledge Manager (KM) steps in. You’re the secret sauce that ensures the knowledge AI works with is top-notch. Here’s why your human expertise is the missing piece in the AI-KM puzzle:

Quality Control Detective
A seasoned KM isn’t just a data hoarder; they’re a data detective (think Pikachu but with Tacit Knowledge). You sniff out the most reliable sources of knowledge within your company. We’re talking about those hidden gems – the tribal knowledge of seasoned veterans, the insights buried in project reports, even those killer customer service emails that showcase best practices. You have a nose for quality, ensuring the information fed to AI is accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy. No more junk knowledge, no more junk results!

Knowledge Architect
Information overload is a real problem. But a skilled KM is an information architect extraordinaire. You take that jumble of data and organize it in a way that makes sense to both humans and AI. Forget cryptic file names and buried folders. You create clear categories, informative labels, and helpful explanations. Essentially, you build a filing system for knowledge, making it easy for everyone, including AI, to find exactly what they need.

Human Expertise Whisperer
AI can process information at mind-boggling speeds, but it can’t capture the “why” behind the “what.” That’s where your human expertise comes in. You understand the context, the nuances, and the unspoken wisdom that make knowledge truly valuable. You curate the best practices, lessons learned, and insights from your team, and then translate them into a language AI can understand. You’re the human whisperer, bridging the gap between human knowledge and machine learning.

So, how do you and AI become a knowledge dream team? Here’s the secret sauce:

Become a Knowledge Sherpa
Lead the way in uncovering the best knowledge sources within your company. Be the champion for capturing and documenting valuable information and lessons learned. If you want a place to start, I would highly recommend doing the free Lessons Learned White Belt course on


Learn AI-Speak
Don’t be intimidated by technical jargon. Take some time to understand basic AI terminology and how AI “thinks.” This knowledge bridge will help you translate human knowledge into a format that AI can readily understand and utilize. This link to resources might help.

Become a Knowledge Trainer
Don’t just dump data on AI. Explain the context, the “why” behind the information. This helps AI deliver insightful results that go beyond simple data retrieval.

By working together, you and AI can create a powerful knowledge engine that fuels better decision-making, smoother workflows, and a smarter, more innovative organization. Remember, AI is the powerful tool, but YOU are the knowledge master who unlocks its true potential. You’re the human guide leading AI through the labyrinth of information, ensuring organizational change is fueled by the power of well-managed knowledge.


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