Don’t lose critical knowledge!

Capture, retain, and share what matters most – the expertise of your people

Build a smarter collaborative workforce and unlock a organisational knowledge hidden in silo’s.

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Here’s how we do it: 

Proven Blueprint: Leverage our industry-tested approach for faster & more effective Knowledge Management implementation.
Custom Solutions: Adapt our expertise to your needs, building a solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
Focus on People: Empower your workforce to capture Lessons Learned, Retain Critical Knowledge, share best practices, and build thriving Communities of Practices

The result? Improved decision-making, faster on-boarding, and a more knowledgeable workforce.

We integrate Knowledge Management solutions, collaborative intelligence, and KM consulting with your business. Our team of experts has decades of experience in preserving critical knowledge and applying lessons learned to deliver real business benefits. These include reducing Risk, incidents, boosting innovation, and retaining essential skills despite employee turnover. Using our proven global standard blueprint, we can enhance our existing KM platform or create a custom solution tailored to your needs

What Benefits are there for KM

Shared interest communities within your organization should be used to collaborate and work together. Keep all critical knowledge inside your organization.

Benefit one

By having access to the collective wisdom of the entire organization, employees may improve the calibre and speed of decision-making. Enterprise collaboration systems give users access to the experiences and perspectives of diverse people with different thoughts and opinions when making choices and defining policy, which will contribute new and intriguing insights.

Benefit two

Knowledge Management facilitates finding the knowledge you require or the individuals who possess it. It increases productivity and efficiency, makes it possible for you to work more productively, and reduces your desire to constantly reconsider things.

Benefit three

The introduction of a successful Knowledge Management solution reduces costs, time, and effort by capturing repetitive procedures into policy documents and standard operating procedure (SOP) templates.

Purpose built around knowledge management

There is currently no platform or method for Knowledge Management that is considered to be universal.  There are many ambiguous platforms on the market that can’t meet your needs. Tacitous is a world-class platform for Knowledge Management and organizational intelligence that can be used anywhere. Produced by us, unique to you.

Proven value in Critical Knowledge Transfer

With over 20 years of delivering exceptional Knowledge Management solutions to international organizations, We help you offer more than just proof of concept—we provide proven value. Our focus is on seamlessly integrating with your organization’s existing technology and capabilities, ensuring a tailored, secure, and cloud-based solution that enhances information sharing and preserves critical knowledge across all platforms

You have the knowledge, we have the solution

Our consultantcy and blueprint structure enables your organisation and your Subject Matter Experts to collaborate on communities of practice, learning, and innovation. This makes it easier for individuals to communicate with each other as they work together towards common goals.

Communities of Practice / Forums

CoP groups are made up of people with a common interest or concerns, and through regular interaction they learn to do things more effectively. This type of learning is not always intentional – it happens naturally as members interact frequently.

Corporate Knowledge Portal

A hub for cross-platform news and information collaboration among multinational teams. Knowledge Management or organisational intelligence enables businesses to gather, disseminate and use knowledge productively on an organizational level.

Bespoke development and implementation available

We provide a range of packages that best fit you, from an out-of-the-box cloud solution to the choice to bring our decades of knowledge on-premise, customized to your infrastructure needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would having a knowledge management solution help your business? What does it mean to you? What are the tangible benefits.

Do you have a KM solution for on-premise?

Our concept is based on a blueprint of what we know and has been proven to work. We can implement this on-premise and cloud-based – depending on your requirements/security considerations.

We already have a platform. Can you help implement it?

Definitely, we are working with some of the world’s top and most influential Knowledge Management Champions, whether you need training, mentoring or a reliable Km champion to help you deliver. We can provide the resources you need.

What else do we need to use, Tacitous?

You can use our cloud-based solution straight away. Furthermore, we can help you implement your systems if needed – providing you with secure and reliable experienced KM and Development consultants to turn your organisational knowledge into measurable success.

Can you provide KM Consultancy?

We’re working with some of the best and brightest Knowledge Management Champions in the industry, whether you need mentoring, training, or a knowledge management champion to your assistance. We’ll furnish the assistance you require.

Can we licence your KM Blueprint?

Absolutely! We are open to collaborating with interested parties to implement our proven blueprint.

Our organisation is multilanguage. Can you help?

We have extended our platform to offer AI-based machine translation to enable a better understanding of lessons learned and communities for all people. Communication and language neutrality is vitally important to enabling KM in an organisation. Language silos should not be a barrier to learning and improvement.

How extensible is your platform?

Our concept is based on what we know has proven to work. With this in mind, we have developed the cloud-based frontend to be extensive and allow access to lessons learned & best practices etc., by API’s. Thus, your own internal systems and platforms (Mobile devices) can make use of this data,

Can you develop a KM system for us?

We can help you with the initial Knowledge Management organisational structure to existing on-premise development skills and, most importantly, mentoring your staff so that ultimately you can succeed in your business goals!

Whats the pricing / licence?

We have an initial price band for a starting figure of 500 users, including implementation and initial consultancy (based on one year’s usage). After that, our platform can scale upwards to fit the organisation’s needs.

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