Tacitous and Youth Leader Forum: A Fantastic Get-Together

Mar 1, 2024

Tacitous and Youth Leader Forum: A Fantastic Get-Together

We’re super excited to share some great news from Tacitous! We recently had the chance to be part of a fantastic group of young leaders worldwide, all part of the KM4Dev Youth Leaders Forum’ group with our good friends at RealKM Magazine. It was all about using knowledge to improve things and grow smartly and sustainably. And guess what? They loved it!

What Makes Tacitous Special?

We talked about what makes our KM platform a bit different from the rest:

  • Getting Started is a Breeze: We’ve ensured anyone can jump in and get going with our platform without any headaches. The alternative is a costly SharePoint platform with implementations and solutions built on top of that. Not counting years to get up and running.
  • Everything You Know and Love: We’ve got all the familiar KM tools and terms, so you won’t feel like you’re learning a whole new language. Like Communities of Practice, Lessons Learned, Critical Knowledge Retention, and Knowledge Cafes. We have it all
  • Tried and True: Our platform is built on a solid foundation that has been tested and proven to work – with over 18 years of continuous improvement.
  • Great Value Without the Big Bucks: We’re all about giving you a lot for a little, ensuring you get top-notch value without a hefty price tag.
  • Made Just for You: And the best part? We can tweak and tune it to fit exactly what you need.

A Big Step Forward

Chatting with the KM4Dev Young African Leaders was more than just another meeting. It was a big moment for us and for everyone who believes in the power of sharing knowledge. The energy and ideas from this group of leaders were genuinely inspiring. They showed us how knowledge management can make a difference, especially in tackling unique challenges and grabbing opportunities in Africa.

We’re buzzing from the success of this event and can’t wait to see where these new connections take us. This is just the beginning of exciting work to bring even better knowledge management solutions to people ready to make a difference.

Join Us on This Journey

We aim to make knowledge management easy, effective, and affordable for everyone. We’re here and ready to chat if you’re curious about how Tacitous can help you or your organization.

Here’s to making big things happen with the power of knowledge,

The Tacitous Team

Oman and KM
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