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The Knowledge Management / Collaborative Intelligence Platform and Software Consultancy provider.  Manage Communities of Practice, Critical knowledge retention and collaborate on Lessons Learned, Innovation & best practices across your organisation.

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About Us

Tacitous is a Knowledge Management / Collaborative Intelligence Platform & Software Consultancy – provided as a service to  Organisations. Organisations who need to retain knowledge and lessons learned to provide business benefits – like lowering HSE Incidents, improving innovation or retaining tacit skills which can be lost in a business due to employee succession.

Business Benefits

Collaborate and work together with anyone across your company on shared interested communities. Communities over versatile working spaces for teams. Retail your Critical Knowledge in your organisation.

Benefit one

Ability to empower used to store, retrieve and access codified knowledge and lessons learned in a standard way – providing immediate feedback to all users.

Benefit two

Knowledge Management / Organisational Intelligence is a new technical Science, which enables business to capture, distribute, and effectively using knowledge at an organisational level.

Benefit three

Gartner Group have defined Knowledge Management (Duhon, 1998) as the following:- “Knowledge management is a discipline that promotes an integrated approach to identifying, capturing, evaluating, retrieving, and sharing all of an enterprise’s information assets”

Purpose built around knowledge management

Finally a standard built for purpose tool Knowledge Management  / Organisational Intelligence Platform. There is no current global standard platform / solution or even market leader for Knowledge Management. A variety of on premise file shares, spreadsheets, database, SharePoint, LiveLink and bespoke solutions are the myriad of indistinct solutions out there on the market.

Knowledge management available everywhere

The Tacitous concept is to have a on Cloud Solution which is security trimmed to each individual organization, available as a Software as a Service / Subscription model. Mobility is also key to sharing of knowledge hence direct User Interface layers which enable Secure viewing on mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IOT- IOS, Android, Windows).

One Concept For Easy Access

The Tactitous Knowledge Management Structure enables users and Subject Matter Experts to collaborate and communicate on Communities Of Practice, Learning’s and Innovation.

Communities of Practice / Forums

Communities of Practice (CoP) groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” This learning that takes place is not necessarily intentional.

Corporate Knowledge Portal

A central place for multinational teams to collaborate news and information across different platforms.Knowledge Management / Organisational Intelligence is a new technical Science, which enables business to capture, distribute, and effectively using knowledge at an organisational level.

Bespoke development and implementation available

Three separate offerings, from a Out of The Box cloud based solution, to the ability to bring our decades long experience on premise developed around your infrastructure needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would having a knowledge management solution help your business? What does it mean to you? What are the tangible benefits.

Isn’t Information Management and Knowledge Management the same thing?

They are similar, and both in the field of Information Science but Information is more about the right information, whilst Knowledge is experience, insights, guidance and knowing how-to’s and how this affects decisions.

Why is knowledge management important?

Simply because reusing ideas and experience can make great savings and lead to innovation inside a business. Taking advantage of expertise and skills inside a Corporate facilitated by a Knowledge Management Practice can help onboarding, skills transfer and avoiding redundant effort.

Is knowledge a object or a process?

Knowledge is a object which comes about as a result of a Learning Process.

How can we capture and reuse this?

Using the Tacitous Knowledge Management platform.

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